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Kama'aina Rewards


Kama'aina Rewards is Hawaii's newest customer rewards program. Here, you'll find all you need to know to get started and to start earning points that you can spend like cash! What's even more exciting is that your card is completely FREE! If you don't have a card, just stop by any of our participating partners.


The Kama'aina Rewards card is FREE at participating Hawaii merchants. And enrolment is fast and easy. Register your card using the button at left, or call 1-866-270-0610.


Present your card to accumulate Kama'aina Rewards points with every purchase. Earn 1% to 5% per dollar of purchases at participating local and national merchants.


Accumulated points can be redeemed to purchase any product or service at participating merchants in Hawaii and the Mainland.*

The dollars you spend every week, month or year can add up to a lot of cash value points! Points are not redeemable for cash, but they are spent like cash toward anything sold at participating merchants.**

*The Kama'aina Rewards card must be REGISTERED to redeem points and to win prizes. Kama'aina Rewards points are the same as KickBack Rewards points. View a list of participating locations by clicking here.

**Some exclusions apply, see Terms and Conditions or call 1-866-270-0610